Saddle fitting

is crucial for the wellbeing of your horse!

Correct saddle fitting is critical for your horse and you.

When you contact us to make an appointment we will ask you to provide us with detailed information including: height, age and breed of your horse, their current condition, what disciplines you intend to perform with them, have they been vetted (if new to you) and have they had any injuries/ problems at any time and if so what treatment has been given and what is the current advice regarding the issue.

When we come out for a fitting appointment we will bring all the saddles we consider might be suitable, based on the information you have given us, to try on your horse. A saddle fitting appointment takes time so please allow 1-2 hours for the appointment.

Before even getting saddles out Richard will carry out a check of your horses back looking for any signs of soreness or problems. He will also take time to assess your horse fully for signs of asymmetry and any other visible problems and engage in a full discussion with you before we even start trying saddles on your horse.

We will then assess the fit of our saddles to find out which saddles fit your horse and Richard will spend time with you trying them out and help you to assess your horse and your comfort before making a choice.

The price on the saddle is the total price you pay as, unlike most other saddle fitters, we do not charge callout or fitting fee on top. (There may be an extra charge however if you are outside our area in the south-east and this would be discussed when you call us.)

Sometimes it may be an option to produce a custom made saddle giving a choice of seat depth and width, cut(shape), depth and width of flap, and depth of knee/thigh rolls.