Saddle reflocking

brings new life to a well used saddle

Spragg saddlery provides a full saddle service including saddle checks, reflocking and repairs.

A horse changes shape regularly and the frequency of these changes will relate to his age, training, management and so on. Nearly all horses will lose some condition and muscle tone as autumn becomes winter and there is less chance to ride. Conversely they will gain condition and muscle tone in the spring as they start to work harder again therefore you should have your saddle checked at least twice a year to maintain a correct fit.

Take time to get to know your horse and develop an eye to recognise these changes because, although on a daily basis, the changes may seem very minor, over a period of just a week or so they can be surprisingly substantial. Have your saddles checked, and any necessary adjustments made regularly. Paying for a saddle check if you have any doubts could save you money on vet and physiotherapy fees that you might end up paying if you leave the saddle uncorrected.

Great attention must always be played to the condition of the saddle flocking. Irregular/uneven/lumpy flocking can cause pressure points that may seriously damage the horse’s back. Severe irregularity in the flocking can cause the saddle to sit to one side. Correct flocking provides a cushioning effect that helps to reduce trauma. Over flocked, the saddle will be hard, will not adapt to the horse’s back and may cause pressure sores or sensitivity. We only use 100% pure new wool for all our reflocking as this is the best possible material that can be used for the comfort of your horse.

Please feel free to phone us and discuss any problems you feel you may have with your saddle and if necessary we can arrange an appointment with you.
We only charge from £45.00 to come out and check your saddle and this includes adjusting the flocking if needed. If it is necessary to strip out and replace the flocking then the total fee is from £75.00